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Welcome to Quppler blog

Our Team

Sumit Anand

Sumit Anand, Hi All, I work as a Research and Development Specialist in Zeiss, Zeiss is a German manufacturer of optical systems, and industrial measurement and medical devices.

Sujit Anand

Sujit Anand, Hello folks, I work as a Software Engineer, R&D in Manhattan Associates, Manhattan Associates is a publisher of specialized software for the supply chain domain.

We’re the founder, designer and editor of this blog.

Quppler is a programming computer science education blog where we write about the latest technology, web development, machine learning, visualization and system design.

We started this blog so that we can share whatever we learn during my day-to-day job with other programmers. It gives us immense pleasure when people read my articles and say that It has helped them.

Moreover, This blog helps us organize our thoughts and improve our overall knowledge because It forces us to do thorough research before writing any article.

What does Quppler mean?

Everyone who hears the name quppler asks me what does it mean?

Well, quppler is derived from three words Question(QU), People(PPL) and Answer(ER). We adopted this name from our old website on quppler.com domain which was a question-answer website.

The Logo of this blog is built around the idea of people having questionable thoughts symbol.

The above icon is built by us during the initial website development phase.

What powers this blog?

This blog is powered by WordPress, content management system using PHP programming. It uses an opensource theme Hueman which we installed considering simplicity and ease-of-use in mind.

We’ve hosted this blog on speedHost, a cloud hosting platform for websites.

How can I contact you?

You can write to us at sujit.anand824@gmail.com /sumitrockey@gmail.com. We’ll try to respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can connect with us directly on twitter, linkedin or github.